How to Quick clean AR-15 riffle (Easy For Beginners)

Last updated: November 7, 2022

Cleaning and lubricating your AR-15 can seem daunting, but it’s actually a pretty simple process. In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly clean your rifle and get it ready for the next time you take it out shooting.

welcome to Yankeeshooter website and today we are going to be showing you how to properly Quick-Cleaning and lubricate your ar15 

1. Safety First

First Thing, before we do anything to ar-15 riffle we’re going to make sure that ar-15 firearm is completely unloaded and there’s no live ammo on your bench “safety first” So just Drop the magazine make sure it’s empty  

2. Separate receiver

The great thing about the ar15 is that it’s easy to take apart. You start by removing the upper from the lower, which you do by pushing down on two pins at the rear of the lower receiver. Sometimes it can be a little tough to get them out, but don’t fret! 

3. Checking lower receiver

Inspect the lower receiver after pushing out the two pins. You’ll notice that they capture themselves and won’t fall out. Then, look inside the mag well and inspect the hammer face and buffer Usually, you can see that the lower receiver doesn’t often get a lot of debris. It’s part of a detailed clean, but for a quick clean generally just make sure there’s nothing bad going on and set it aside.

4. Cleaning bolt carrier

To clean your bolt carrier group, First remove the charging handle, bolt carrier group and take a quick look at the upper receiver. In particular, you want to inspect the gas tube for dirt.

Use a toothpick or brush to clean it out if necessary by scrub inside of the receiver clean the gas tube you’re gonna want to get into the breech you want to clean the locking lugs you want to clean the start chamber area make sure that’s all good to go.

5. Cleaning Ar-15 Bore

Cleaning the bore of your AR-15 rifle is important to preventing fouling and poor accuracy. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean the bore in just three simple steps. First, wet a patch bore brush with solvent and run it through the bore several times. Next, dry the bore with a clean patch. Finally, repeat the process until the bore is clean. By following these steps, you can ensure that your AR-15 will stay clean and accurate for years to come.

If you want to do a quick clean of your AR-15, this is perfect for you. Once you’ve got the ball all clean and the bolt carrier group cleaned, inspect the lower receiver and put it back together before casing it up to bring home. For more in depth cleaning methods, our rifles editor has written an informative piece on cleaning after Shooting riffle that goes over what really needs to be done for thoroughness here.


How often should I clean my AR-15 riffle? 

It’s a good idea to clean your AR-15 riffle after every use in order to ensure optimal performance and keep it in top condition. In addition, regular cleaning will help prevent any build-up of dust or dirt that could interfere with the function of the weapon.

How long does it take to Quick clean my AR-15 riffle? 

It should take about 10 minutes to Quick clean your AR-15 riffle by our way.

What are the benefits of Quick cleaning my AR-15 riffle? 

There are a few benefits to quick cleaning your AR-15 riffle. First, it helps maintain the accuracy and precision of your shots. Second, it helps keep your gun in good condition and prevents malfunctions. Third, it reduces the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your gun after each use. Lastly, it helps ensure that all the components of your gun are properly lubricated and functioning properly.

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