6 drills that professional bodyguards should practice (shooting range)

Last updated: November 18, 2022

Here are six shooting drills that professional bodyguards should practice regularly to help them protect their clients. These exercises will improve their accuracy and speed when firing shots.

Drills in the following recommended drills are essential. And accuracy in holding (grip) and using firearms at the intermediate level is required, before trying to see the article about holding the gun correctly from the website.

bodyguards practice guide

If you have enough skill, and sometimes I don’t know what to practice besides aiming the X-A ring and trying to shoot, which sometimes might be boring for mediocre hands, let’s see what our bodyguards practice. You might like and enjoy this kind of practice.

1) Head shot practice

Head shot

Single Head Shots Drill, this method is practiced in a self-defense distance of about 5 meters by drawing a gun from a holster and shooting at the head. Target people within 2 seconds or less and practice until accuracy. Do the least amount of time.

2) Firing 2 shots in a row


The Double-Tap Drill’s training goal is to ensure that the bullet group is no wider than 1 palm, and takes 2 seconds or less.

3) 3-shot Failure Drill


The double-tap method is when you shoot two shots in a row at the body and then quickly shoot a third shot at the head.

This should all be done within 3 seconds or less and is often used in situations where 2 shots fired at the body were not enough to stop the villain.

4) Firing and changing magazine Reload Drill

Reload Drill

Place two human-shaped targets about three meters apart. Shoot the first target using the Double-Tap technique. Change the ammunition magazine, and hit the second target with the Double-Tap technique in less than six seconds or less.

5) 5-shot Cluster Forty-Five Drill

firing five consecutive shots

Practice firing five consecutive shots at the body. The practice goal is that five shots must be in the black circle, all or groups of bullets no more than one palm within five seconds or less.

6) Shooting 3 targets 15 shots with all techniques

Shooting 3 targets

Use 3 human targets, 3 meters apart. Shoot 1 shot in the head at the right-hand target, then use the Double-Tap technique at the left-hand target 2 shots immediately. Shoot Double-Tap and shoot the head at the 3rd target immediately after.

Then shoot 2 consecutive shots at the right-hand target on the body, then change magazines, and shoot 2 consecutive shots at the left-hand target and 5 consecutive shots at the middle target on the body. Complete 15 shots in 15 seconds or less with accuracy.


bodyguard team trains

Take your time to practice, it might seem like an easy task. But if you want to be good at it, you must focus on both accuracy and speed. This is how the bodyguard team trains and easy guide by yankeeshooter.

What is the goal of the Double-Tap Drill?

Practicing the Double-Tap Drill regularly will help you to develop muscle memory, which will improve your shooting accuracy and speed. Additionally, this drill will also help you to maintain focus and target acquisition under pressure.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your shooting skills, the Double-Tap Drill is a great option

What is the practice goal for 5-shot Cluster Forty-Five Drill?

The idea behind this drill is to improve your ability to accurately and quickly put rounds on target. It also helps develop trigger control and muzzle discipline. As with all drills, be sure to start slowly and work up to speed. And always remember to keep safety in mind at all times.

Shooting 2 shots at the right-hand target is enough to stop a villain?

shots to the right-hand side of the body will cause more damage than those to the left, as most people are right-handed.

So while a shot to the left might only injure or slow down a villain, a shot to the right could be potentially fatal.

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