(a)  We are currently CCW Training Vendors for these Counties, and adding more day by day…YOLO, NEVADA, PLACER, YUBA, SUTTER, EL DORADO and more. Please call to confirm.
(b) We no longer publish the calendar publicly for your safety/ privacy and ours, we do however publish it and class photos/ video on our Facebook page, or you can email or call. We normally train weekends. 0730-1630hrs.
(c)  If you are paying via Paypal, please be SURE to include course date in ‘notes- special info’ area of Paypal transaction. Range day info details will then be emailed to you answering most of your questions.
(d) If you have a private group of friends or employees of your business, we can establish and custom tailor a class to your needs/desires with a minimum of 4 students, anywhere in the State (travel fees may apply).
(e)  Prepayment in full is required 5 days prior to assure a slot, study materials and Certificates. We no longer hold positions for flakes who intend on paying at the range and do not show up after we’ve turned ‘responsible’ people away- zero exceptions.
(f)   All classes are rain or shine, it would be nice to deploy in self defense at 80 degrees and sunny, training in that environment just isn’t realistic. We shoot outdoors.
(g)  Study materials and course payments can be made via Paypal on the website or at
Firearms are available to those who have not yet purchased one- Unlimited Pistols $20 no limit, -Shotguns and Rifles with single point slings are $40 for advanced classes per day (these are cleaning fees). Firearms loan is free to women and children. All ammo is extra.
(i)    For CCW Training we do not charge extra per gun qualification, all costs include range/ target fees.
(j)    Body armor is welcome, as is proper Range attire; proper footwear, headgear, cargo pants/ shorts, holsters/ belts, and mag pouches. Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY.